How do you make sure you have a clean customer base?

Bart Wilson

One of the sessions I moderated at Presidents Club was around improving marketing with data.  One of the takeaways was the importance of a clean database using a unique customer identifier.  With so many people in the dealership having access to the DMS and customer database, how do you make sure you have clean data?

Mark Rask

Man this is hard to do.......I am constantly trying to wrap my head around it

Derrick Woolfson

We have streamlined the process. Namely, fewer people have access to the DMS, and what is great with our DMS is that it updates in real time. It also scans for duplicate customer records, which is an ongoing issue we all face. We also append the DMS data quarterly - in turn, allowing us to remove customers who moved out of state, no longer own the vehicle, etc. Beyond the DMS (the heartbeat of the dealership), there is also the CRM issue! The CRM is more often crowded with irrelevant, bad data. Everything from leads with invalid customer information to bad emails (to name a few). And while there is the argument of "maybe they will convert again someday" to which we might get "valid" data - it still clogs the CRM with invalid data. That said, it is just as important to append the CRM data; and actively delete bad, invalid information. For dealers that are concerned with employees removing "valid" data - most CRM's offer an auditing report to show what all has changed and/or been removed. Albeit, that can be quite tedious, but it can keep people honest. Bottom line, as to your point, Bart - the cleaner your databases are, the easier it is to remain focused on engaging with valid data. 

Mark Rask

sounds like a good process derrick

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