How Do You Manage Leads?

Jessi Kessel
I'm not a dealer but I've got a dealer client who uses Bumper App to create his own sales events. He is having some issues with getting his staff to make calls to a list of leads every time he has an event. They don't have a BDC or an allocated person to manage their leads. How do you motivate your sales staff to call leads , not just once but until they reach them. They seem more interested in walk-ins and forget about the list of leads they have to call back.
Lauren Moses
Jessi, I think it's a very common issue in dealerships. I handle all of our leads but get aggrivated when I pass a lead to a salesman and they don't follow thru properly and lose the lead until I manage to revive it. Is the Bumper app like a CRM? If so, do they sales staff have access to it and can they have notifications set up to remind the staff to make the calls at certain times? I know with our CRM I can set up a basic follow up schedule for each type of lead and it notifies me when I need to call, email, text, etc. each lead. If not, then it may be beneficial for them to look into a CRM that will allow them to do that.
Grant Gooley
Bumper is a fantastic tool for customer touch points. The application is intuitive, easy to use and makes Sales Events a cinch! Jessi, you make a great point. Without the PROPER follow-up and "buy-in" you can have challenges around converting appointments. You could have the best tool in the world but if you don't have a BDC or hard working Sales Staff that understands the landscape of modern consumer shopping behaviour, you might not see the results you are looking for. Management has to want to shift and learn the ins and outs of online lead conversion. It's different from a walk-in or phone call to the Dealer. Driving Sales University is a great way to get started on training, from there you could hire an agency that helps Dealers build BDC's.

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