How do you manage your work?

Chris K Leslie

Curious how you marketing folks keep track of all the work you need to do? Since our stuff can’t really be managed in a CRM, what are you using to keep it all together? 

Drew Bettiol

I am not personally using this right now since I just do a spreadsheet but when I was at DSES I noticed a few people were talking about organizing tasks through the platform I'm considering doing that myself!

Bart Wilson

Asana and Trello are also tools that let you build a kanban board and track your tasks in swim lanes.

Brittany Alva

We use Trello and Slack. Slack is helpful only because of the individual task queue you can have in your chat to yourself, but Trello is so easy to use and gives you pretty much everything you need.

Bart Wilson

Good call @Brittany!  I totally forgot about Slack.  Their communication features really help, especially when there are multiple people involved.

Dane Saville

We use Slack and Asana.


In Slack, we have channels dedicated to official things like teams and departments, as well as unofficial things like lunch, beers, and pictures office pets. 

In Asana, we have our projects laid out with specific tasks, subtasks, and due dates. Asana used to have a free version as long as you had only up to, say, 5 people. Not sure if they do anymore.

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