How do you measure your digital marketing.

Craig Ness

your advertising spend is a large portion of your overhead cost. When advertising online how do you measure your advertising performance. Today I was told that comparing your cost per vdp and cost per lead (Phone call or email) Is not a fair way to measure whether or not your advertising is working.

Chris K Leslie

 Like with any advertising, you can choose what you want your KPI's to be. Once established, your messaging should push people in the direction to take those actions. 

I keep hearing about people telling others that measuring what's important to them isn't the way to measure effectiveness and they're flat out wrong. They're most likely nervous about losing the acct too.

you talk to 10 different digital marketers and they'll give you 10 different answers of what to measure. Which tells me that you can pick what's important to you. 


Michael Bilson

If you do not measure conversions and calls to actions...the other data is irrelevant.

Craig Ness

In all reality there's only one number that really counts. How many cars did you sell? However through the process everyone monitors certain numbers to see if a advertising source is working. For instance if your spending $1000 on a ad source...and you decide to spend $2000 on the same ad source by buying another package. What numbers do you typically monitor to determine if it's worth spending the additional $1000?

Mark Rask

conversions and sales

Chris K Leslie

Mark is exactly right. We are in the business of selling cars. 

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