How do you use Social Media at your store?

Susan Burke
I am wondering how dealerships are using social media today - are you using social media posts to:1. Raise awareness?2. Brand development?3. Sell cars?4. Other?I would love to hear how the community responds on this!
Shannon Hammons
Our philosophy is more of awareness and brand development. We are starting to look into being more of a community awareness type poster, but we haven't plunged into it just yet.
Susan Burke
Thank you Shannon!
Shaun Weissman
I use it completely for brand awareness. Customers do not want to go on their social media sites and see us trying to sell them something. Make them aware of your brand and if they are interested they will come... I also use it for conquesting other brands... Have had tremendous success conquesting competing brands.
Susan Burke
Thank you Shaun! I have other clients that are using it only for brand awareness as well, and I want them to smatter in some financing/loan specials and they are reticent to do that.
Shaun Weissman
The most we dive into that is with TBT and our used vehicles. We have seen a direct correlation to that and us selling that used vehicle. I just do not think people log onto their facebook wall or instagram page and want to see a $399 lease special. Make the customer love your brand and they will purchase from you

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