How Does Your Sales Staff Feel About Call Monitoring?

Mike Gorun
Every sales call in a dealership is critical to new revenue. How do you keep track of your staff’s calls? Have you ever considered call monitoring? Many salespeople may not be thrilled at the idea of having their calls recorded, yet recordings can be used to identify both weaknesses and strengths for improved sales performance. How do you feel about call monitoring? Would you be able to convince your sales staff it’s a positive tool for increasing accountability and revenue?
Jeff Cryder
Call monitoring can be a useful quality control tool. As well as a great opportunity for young/new salesmen to be critiqued and receive feedback on their "real world" sales conversations. The key here is to ensure it comes across as a constructive tool to improve sales. Not a covert NSA operation.
Jim Bell
We monitor the incoming calls. I don't know if it is legal to record outgoing calls due to privacy issues. I do use them for training purposes and to keep track of my ROI on different campaigns. I also do use it for training purposes. If one of my guys screws up and loses their paper that they wrote their notes on before putting it in the CRM, they will call me and ask me if it was a recorded call and get the info for them. I also had one salesman that didn't do so well on the phone. I let him listen in on a couple calls, and he did a 180 on us and is a lot more effective on the phones.
Hunter Swift
I think it benefits the employee, the customer and the company. Monitoring & recording calls allows you to better train your employees. It provides managers with the ability to focus in on skill areas where employees need help. I think it is great to even allow the employee to hear themselves speak. I think call monitoring is still the best way to ensure that you achieve a high level of quality. I have found it also helps if the employees are the one who comes up with the evaluation criteria.
Manny Luna
"Measuring what marketing has brought in the most enquiries has proved vital to us as a business. It has meant that we can now focus on marketing campaigns that work and react instantly to changes in enquiry levels. Before we had response monitoring we didn't know what had brought in the best results so wasted time and money on marketing that wasn't working." So Yes Yes it's a must!
Manny Luna
For the salesperson it can be a powerful tool for follow up and tracking there pospects, I've also seen good Mrgs log in and listen to the recording calls and follow up with the customers.

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