How Important Do You Consider Quality Copywriting?

Dane Saville

A topic about content in another forum got me to thinking about this.

There are some longstanding, effective tenets of good copywriting that dealerships and their agency partners still break. 

How important is quality copywriting to your dealership? 

Do you think there's a lack of education on this topic in automotive? Or is there something else that has us still a little behind. And, for the record, it's not just automotive either. Perhaps it's a small business issue across all verticals.

Keep in mind that I'm not just talking about "blogging" but the importance of having high-quality copywriting for all of your digital assets: from your website to your social media campaigns to your paid search campaigns to your scripts for programmatic media and video content.


I appreciate you all!

Bart Wilson

Great question Dane.  I know you'll be speaking on this topic at DSES and I can't wait to hear it.

Where do you feel the breakdown is?  Consistency in the message across verticals?  Quality overall?  

Dane Saville

I will be, Bart!

And though I have my deck put together pretty well, I wanted to get some insights directly from any dealers who want to engage on this post -- because that might help me create a more valuable presentation.

I think the issue complex, but here are my thoughts:

(1) Access to Information -- This is a little bit of conjecture mixed with some data, but it seems that there was more consumer loyalty pre-Internet. Maybe that's because it was not as easy to access information for alternatives, but vying for consumer attention is harder than it ever was. Because small businesses didn't necessarily have to compete with advertisements and a strong branded presence, copywriting was not just a foreign concept. It was obsolete. Now that small businesses need a website, social media, and some budget to spend, the keystone of effective copywriting that, say, Disney and Paramount and Coca-Cola had been employing for decades was something small businesses are starting out with no clue about.

(2) Agency Costs -- Though still true in many regards, the best copywriters used to be employed by those Madison Avenue, big-box agencies that boast budgets in the millions. Now, a lot of great copywriters, because of how access to information has changed, which yielded the need for small businesses to compete on this playing field, are either leaving or not even joining those big agencies. This is making access to these talents more practical but still rarer than I'd like.

I spent a few years at an agency that worked with major corporations. Creating great work was, of course, valuable. But when I was asked to help form Reunion, I thought (and still think) I had a great opportunity to help small businesses in the same way. So even though I did work in the marketing department of a 33-store group in Raleigh, my work was largely outside of automotive with those big companies that had expectations small businesses couldn't.

Dane Saville

So, in short, I think the breakdown is that small businesses never really had access to great copywriters. Maybe great SEO and SEM strategists -- but not to people formally trained in understanding the psychology (and importance of) words in your advertisement's copy.

Martins Ville

It's a great subject and speaking of subjects, that is the key to success. I have been using this Headline Analyzer for quite some time. Your news feed on your smartphones are all about getting eyeballs to read the story, but if you don't have a poppin' headline, nobody cares.

Bart Wilson

Martins, thanks for sharing.  I'll try it out.

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