How many dealerships here are using Marketing Automation ?

Ali Salman
Do you automate your marketing and sales process ? And do you nurture your leads (Who you didn't close) ?
Shaun Weissman
We do a combination of automation and "real life" responses. I like to use automation to ensure nothing fall thru the cracks. We used UDC Momentum and they do an amazing job of allowing us to ensure we have really touch the clients while making sure our name is constantly in front of the client
Megan Barto
We automate a lot of our sales process. But a lot of the automation is simply making "E-Mail Tasks" that way, you can customize the e-mail for the customer's specific situation, but you still have a structured form of follow-up process.
Ali Salman
Thank you for your candid response. Automation as Shaun said will make sure there is nothing falling through the cracks. Dealerships once recognize the lifetime value of a customer, they see Automation as an essential marketing tool. Every dealership should spend a significant amount of resources and time on developing a whole automation system which will make sure every contact you make with a potential customer will last for a lifetime. Dealerships pay alot of attention at top of the funnel, when actually if you nurture leads properly through their lifecycle you are increasing your predictable profits. We alongside our partner use a complete marketing automation at over 400 dealerships.
mark rask
Most of ours are automated.
Timothy Martell
Any CRM worth using can automate post-sale, cold lead, etc. This is about the only place that any automation in marketing should ever occur. Even then, its not set it and forget it. Constant attention is require to measure and improve based on performance metrics, A/B tests, etc. One should tread carefully on anything someone trying to automate. You can't automate awesome.

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