How many of your actual sales come from online advertiseing?

Matt Lowery
Zero! We have tried it many times, and in our area all we get are scams calling us. People trying to send it overseas, wiring funds and such. I do believe it can work in certain areas. I know dealers claiming 20+ sales per month from it. It just doesn't work here.
James Jalali
We heavily depend on our digital advertising. We have been spending double on overall advertising (Print, Digital) up to 5 years ago (50/50). Discontinued our print without effecting our sales. At this point about 80% of our sales is coming by online advertising.
Timothy Martell
The real number very nearly approached 100% even for dealers that are not active in marketing online. Your commitment to spend money there just gives you more control of the content your potential shoppers are finding. A lack of presence may leave the wrong impression resulting in a lost sale before you ever had the chance to earn the business. Marketing is about the right message used consistently across all media. TV, Radio and print should complement online marketing. Its not a choice of one vs another. Its about the right amount of spend for each and having them work together seamlessly.
Matt Lowery
Actually I might not have understood the question clearly. We spend around 35% of our advertising budget online and over 50% of our business comes from online (that we can clearly document). We get zero percent of our sales from craigslist.
Timothy Martell
The question is a bit ambiguous. If digital marketing only refers to 3rd party sites, then this should be a much smaller percentage. Frankly, I would like to see the retail market move away from 3rd party sites entirely.
Live2 Support
Marketers who depends on only chosen resources for digital marketing, I think not sensible decision. You can take these resources as help and build others parallel. I agree with you that craigslist and other resources are good but not enough if you are eager to touch sky. You should also add live chat on your websites when you are approaching digital resources. Don't miss a chance to chat live with every website visitors. They may be your customer after live chat. For live chat, download professional chat service :

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