How much attention should dealers be giving to Social Media strategy?

Ron Henson

I participated in an interesting discussion in a 20 Group this week that I wanted to throw out to the community.  How much attention and effort should dealers be putting into Social Media?

What are some best practices that you have found to be effective?

Chris K Leslie

Ive always believed that social media was not created for marketers. We always show up to something and try to hitch an ROI wagon to it when that was never really the intention to begin with. Trying to figure the perfect mix of time, attention and social media is like trying to figure out women. 

That being said my goal this year is to do less social media  and more social media influencer outreach. 

Timothy Martell

Chris is right. Frankly, the only place it makes sense to spend money on social is with Facebook and largely even on Facebook the majority of vendors, not even just dealers, are doing it wrong. We've had the benefit of working with FB directly recently and they've been blown away with the success we've been having with our dealers. They've given us even more insight in how to make our service even better specifically in ways that lead to being able to show tangible results. 

That being said there are real seo benefits for syndicating content to other platforms, but it is difficult to point to the tangible results of those efforts to your in-store management. There is a way to do this right. Sadly, few seem to have found the formula for success. So that means there is tremendous opportunity for those that are doing this right and on the receiving end of the benefit.

Jason Stum

I wrote this article here on DrivingSales last summer, and after giving it a re-read I feel it's still quite relevant to the conversation at hand.

The reality is that having an effective social strategy takes more planning, commitment, time & resources than most businesses (not just dealerships) realize.

So just like Tim said, the ones who figure it out can give themselves a huge advantage.

mark rask

We are spending some budget on fb marketing each month. The majority of our efforts involve grass roots type stuff on fb though

Mark Frost

Organic social is hit or miss for a lot of dealers. If you're in a large market with a brand like Honda, Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, you've got a better chance of success. And you have to put money behind each post, so don't think you can just post content constently. That's not how it works.

Companies like Wikimotive and Dealer Authority do it right, and have plenty of success stories to back it up. Honestly, if you're even going to attempt organic social, do it through one of them.

The biggest benefit dealers will see from social is on the paid side of Facebook, and Facebook only. It's incredibly cheap (as in $.20 per click cheap once you invest) and you can fine tune your ads down to specific groups of people, creating an infinite amount of custom campaigns. So even if you're not seeing a ton of interaction on your page, you can still reach your target audience to figure out what gets them to click and convert.


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