How often are you monitoring GMB?

Bart Wilson

How frequently should you be checking in and updating Google My Business?

Chris K Leslie

At least once a week. Some people would say you should post every day. 

Morgan Hardy

I agree with once a week. You should also make sure that you have someone in house that gets notifications to respond appropriately whenever needed.

Josh Seifarth

Weekly is reasonable enough. GMB Posts expire every 7 days generally, which aligns with this. Operationally an individual can produce a GMB post, respond to reviews, and monitor GMB Q&A on a weekly basis across accounts and that would be sufficient.

Bart Wilson

What are some of the things you are looking for? Think of it as a "weekly checklist". What would you have on the list?

Josh Seifarth

- GMB Post: current incentive, offer, upcoming event, etc.
- Q&A review: flagging non-questions, answering questions
- Reviews: answering all reviews, both good and bad
- Sweep to ensure no changes have been suggested by users and pushed through by Google

Non-recurring items:
- Hours changes
- Number changes (if you are using call recording numbers)

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