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Peyton Porter
Subarus are not as popular in the Sunbelt region as they are in the North and Pacific Northwest. We are spending a great deal of money on SEO and SEM, utilizing all social media networking possible, utilizing effective advertising methods, etc. but don't seem to be making a big dent. What we need is some consideration from our city. We are confident in our product, but just want to get people to consider us against other competitors like Honda and Toyota. Any unique suggestions to help brand ourselves locally and get our name out there for consideration? Thanks for your suggestions!
Jared Hamilton
Peyton, what is your micro site strategy? Do you have one? You may want to consider a series of simple yet effective non dealership branded micro sites that are just geared to compare each vehicle line against its competition. You could easily target keywords for your products an the competition, collecting a new set of shoppers and generating unique leads (phone/email) to your store. Sites like this are fairly cheap to build (or have built) and provide exceptional ROI. Also, when you say you have an SEO/SEM strategy do you have some examples of what you are doing? Im sure you are doing great, but you may find some new suggestions could boost your existing performance.
Paul Rushing
Peyton I agree with Jared on building out brand comparison sites and targeting them to you DMA. Without knowing more about what you are doing it would be hard to make an extensive recommendation. With an "off Brand",not said to denigrate the awesome Subaru product, you will need to look for ways to generate traffic on your competitors brand search's. This can be accomplished in many different ways. Feel free to give me a call or an email if you want to know more. Paul Rushing 912-266-1629 (cell) 912-576-3500 (office)
Peyton Porter
That's a great suggestion, thank you! We were considering doing a campaign where we ask people to compare our vehicles to competing models by having them bring in a business card from a competing dealer and then driving our comparable model and we would reward them with some type of gift card or something. A micro site would tie in really well with that. Subaru uses to do our SEO and SEM, but I know we have bought into the relevant keywords. I myself am doing all of the social networking including Youtube and Flickr to do meta tagging and tag our competition as well. Any other suggestions? Thank you so much!
Paul Rushing
Peyton I just noticed you are in my area. I am in Kingsland about 20 min north of the Jax airport.
Jared Hamilton
ooohh. I like the idea of bringing in a competitors business card for something extra special. Could be dangerous, but all great ideas come with some risk. Yea, tie that to a microsite and push the right keywords to your great dealership challenge... I like the way you think, be different and stand out. It will only help.

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