How to change perspectives...

Adam Shiflett
Anyone have some good examples marketing/advertising/strategies that have helped overcome negative perspectives about dealers? We did a #DSWhiteboard on this subject (, but I wanted to hear some real world campaigns that have improved customer perception.
Adam Shiflett
Good points! The best way to change perception is one-on-one awesome service.
Lauren Moses
Very much so Adam. If you provide good service then I think the dealerships speak for themselves. Though having your customers leave reviews, pass the word, etc. helps, it's an overall industry issue like Chris said with the perspective. There are some great sales people I know that are working on their personal images in their dealerships to help customers see that what the movies and things portray as "sleazy sales people" is not true.
Tammy Anthony Baker
This is my first foray into truly being in "sales". I was almost reluctant to tell someone at my first networking event that my job title is "Regional Sales Manager" because of the negative connotations associated with Sales. After some soul searching as to what I found so objectionable about it, I realized the very meaning of sales, especially in the automotive industry has changed drastically. In years passed, dealers and their sales staff had all of the information, expertise, and financial experience and buyers had very little of the same. The great divide between the two positions led to mistrust, misinformation, and at times even predatory behavior. Fast forward to 2015, and you have a tremendous shift in the balance of information. Buyers are walking in the door, more educated than ever, knowing the dealer's invoice and usually in a battle ready mindset. Forward thinking Dealers and their sales staffs have evolved into being more of a professional concierge focused on assisting in a sale and providing the best total experience for their clients. Focus on delivering your customers a first class experience from start to finish and you'll win the business and their loyalty.
mark rask
Take care of the little things and the big ones will work out

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