How to digitally display multiple brands.

David Newman
Hi, Here at Quest Motor Group we are one of the oldest and reputable Vauxhall And Saab dealerships. Jsut recently we have adopted the Isuzu brand, created a premium used car lot (300 units) and am looking to take on a couple of other mass market brands such Renault and Citreon. Q) What do I do online with all these brands? Most manufacturers offer a off the shelf website such as and (under construction) however is this the right path, to simply use our main website as a bridge between these microsites? I simply want to boast the power of our group websit. I've been looking at the possibility of a complete re-build which will incorporate all the brands. However at present have maintained the site with limited costs and simply depolyed microsites. Sure these microsites arn't ideal, looking at my statistics, I recieved around 5% of the traffic for www.questsaab as i do the saab section on Would be great to read your suggestion. What is the best way to digitally display multiple franchises? Many Thanks David Newman Group Marketing Manager Quest Motor Group
Brian Pasch
David, We are expanding the Automotive Advertising Network (AAN) into the UK in Q2 which will give you inventory syndication tools, content publishing tools, and low cost microsite deployment. We can schedule a demo to show you the new Content Syndication Dashboard (CSD) by calling 732.450.8222 and ask for Elvis. Microsites are effective marketing tools and low cost platforms like WordPress can excel at certain marketing tasks. Just avoid building a new website from's not worth the headaches. Your core website technology should tightly integrate with your CRM system and have robust reporting and sales tools. The microsites will act to increase conversion, driving traffic to your main website, and to push competitors down in the search rankings. Dealers need more than one website to remain competitive online and microsites are effective in that strategy.
Ashok Padhye
Different sites per brand make a lot of sense - esp. as you want to target different demographics with your different brands. But, IMHO, using off the shelf microsite provided by the manufacturer does not help you rank as the content is same across other Saab (or Isuzu) dealerships. You need to build sites that project both personas - the manufacturer as well as Quest. And you need good unique content there. The most effective would be : 1. Build dynamic inventory pages with one page per car in stock giving multiple photos, videos, complete specs, additional installed features etc. 2. Assuming your customers are happy with your sales and service, you should get them to write testimonials. If possible, do a video interview. Post these on your respective sites. 3. Create pages for your sales and service staff with some personal and some professional information. People buy from people. And of course, there need to be enough CTAs (calls to action) at least one on every page so that when a prospect reads something and is excited about it, they can contact you immediately. If you want to discuss further about this, feel free to call me at +1(415) 694-6402
David Newman
Hi Ashok & Brian, Thats absolutely fantastic, thanks ever so much. All comments taken on board for our strategy going forward. Kind Regards David Newman
David Newman
I've come to a conclusion on the matter! Everything under one roof! The new website will incorporate all our franchises. Yes, this will result in some headaches in terms of updating each franchises quarterly messages, however currently feels like the right path in terms of digital display. Lets be honest, some of my micro sites such as and see such small levels of traffic and most importantly enquiries, that i don't see the point in throwing money at them. Thanks for your time on this matter guys and i'll ping over the new site once it's complete. Kind Regards David Newman Group Marketing Manager Quest Motor Group 19-07 at 11pm

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