How to elicit a genuine email address?

Paul Lappage
Have any of you enjoyed success in getting genuine email addresses from phone ups and walk-in visitors. Something that we could add to a call track, and on POS around the store? Especially something that could be used if they objected. Maybe "Enter to win $1000 in our monthly draw if you submit an email address" ... like the call-to-action on the bottom of the big stores' email receipts. Now I'm thinking out loud about whether anyone has ever gone online to complete...!
Russ Chandler
Good question Paul. Most other major industries have found a way to place a dollar value per email address or record in their database. I think in the auto industry there are a number of opportunities to capture email address's from customers during engagement by simply asking with the right call to action and having the right tools. For example, most service departments have regular coupons and discounts advertising to customers that can print them out or just advertised specials for walk-ins. Simply asking the customer to redeem the offer by requesting it online or at a kiosk in the showroom could capture all kinds of data on all customers. If you regularly offer a coupon or cheap oil change of some kind, simply ask customers to sign up for the offer to receive it. Adding some type of a regular give away to those who sign up to receive an instant offer helps to ensure you receive accurate information or else how will they be contacted if they won?
Robert Karbaum
Treat it like dating. "Can I get your email / number?" "Sure! it's"] "Great! You get email on your phone right?" "Yea" "Great, let me just send you an email so it gets tied to my calender." typing "Okay, now look on your phone if it went through." wait for awkward "Hmm. That's odd. Lets try the otherway. You email me from your phone. My email is" watch the person squirm. One way or another, you can get legitimate contact info this way. Just ensure you ask the right question first. Confirm they get email on their phone, and that they have their phone. That way, they have no out's.
Michael Bilson
Robert. Your advice is right on point as always. But now I am so curious I must ask. Are you someone who has been married a very long time or do you date frequently....LOL.
frank tynan
Tell them, " I have some great online information on that vehicle. It contains the Features, specs, equipment and even the options available. You can look at it when you get home. What is the best email address to send it to?". Since I told the customer what I am sending and the benefits to them before I asked for the email address, they seem to always give me a good email address. We don't have to pay for it, we just have to send them something they want and tell them what it is before we ask for their email address.
Robert Karbaum
Michael, I'm not married, but I have someone that would be legally entitled to half of my possessions if I was to start dating.

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