How to increase VDP specific activity online

Casey Baker
I'm working with multiple dealerships and have hit a sort of plateau in regards to driving more action around certain vehicles we want to focus on as a dealership (be it an older aged unit, an incredible lease special on a retired service loaner, huge manufacturer incentive on a specific trim, etc.). I have our typical go-to options: - Setting them as Manager's Specials (but those are a couple pages deep, thus not getting much traffic) - Creating specific landing pages for this inventory and banners on our home page that links directly to the VLP (or even VDP in some cases) - Even printing the featured vehicles/special info and stacking them around the dealership Does anyone have any other tips (especially digitally) on how to drive more traffic to these VDPs?
Carl Maeda
Hi Casey, Since you are already creating specific landing pages for the inventory, make sure your PPC vendor is advertising these specials. Use the specific offer in the ad itself and use similar language as the landing page. If these cars are new vehicles, you can also use the data in your CRM to find past customers that bought the same model as the car that's on special. Send them emails on how they can upgrade to the current model year for the same or even lower monthly payment. Use remarketing banners for users that have viewed a similar car on your website but did not submit a lead. For these sets of users, you can create specific banners with the specials you have in mind. This way, as they browse the internet online, they are shown those specials. I hope that helps and feel free to private message me if you need any more details.
Carl Maeda
Thank you @Chris. Most people that use remarketing take the easy way and simply hit any user that visits the site with generic ads. We've found a tiered and segmented approach works best. We segment the user by what they viewed on the site. So if they viewed Honda Civics, we know that they are probably considering a purchase of a Civic. When we display the banners, we initially start off by showing Civic banners with the current incentives but if that doesn't draw them back, we will show a more general banner showing all Sedans. Finally, if that doesn't work, we'll show them a general dealership banner. By making the banners more specific to the user's interest, it increases the likelihood that they will come back. Hope that helps. Thank you.
mark rask
remarketing banners work well for this
James Antos
For retired service loaners and aged inventory check with your current provider about utilizing dynamic ppc. Should do the trick to get some of that aged inventory off the lot and some of those cream-puff loaners down the road.
Casey Baker
Thanks for the tips, @Carl! I do reach out to those specific customers from our CRM that might be interested in those vehicles via coded email blasts that click-through to pages with more information, VLPs or even VDPs if we are really trying to unload some inventory - we currently have a standard of not reaching out to customers across our different stores (but that's for another topic of discussion: i.e. shared customer databases and existing customer marketing strategies that I would love further discussion around). Anyway, I will do more research on remarketing and how our PPC provider can help grow our VDP conversion - I will even message you (@Carl) over the next few weeks for maybe some more examples of where you have done this in the past (Why? How? Results? What would you have done differently?) Again, thanks everyone for the insight!

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