How to integrate Google Analytics with Cobalt

John Boucher
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed a light on how to integrate/add Analytics to a Cobalt driven website. After searching for several hours I have only found two methods. The first method was to add it to the theme. However when I went try it I do not see a way to edit the actual html of the theme only button, font design etc. That post was dated 2013 so I'm guessing the a new Cobalt update eliminated that method. The second method I found was by requesting it be written in with Cobalt's help: Is that the only way that it can be added? Are they just trying to make it so difficult that people stop trying? If that is the only way we will instruct the client to reach out and ask them that the code be added but we were looking for a way we could do it ourselves. Thank you in advance, this looks to be a great resource of information.
Mary Pratt-lauchle
Honestly I would just ask Cobalt to write it in for you and save yourself the headache. Sometimes their back end tool does exactly the opposite of what you want it to do.
Bill Simmons
This code needs to go to an area on the factory sites that dealers do not have access to. You can ask your Cobalt Digital Advocate to have it installed for you but you may be met with resistance. At least that has been my case.
Lauren Moses
Bill hit is spot on. I have asked several times and I don't think it has been added yet...It absolutely infuriates me. You have to stay on them to get it done. But it's well worth it.
mark rask
bill is right
Ben Stewart
When I first started at my dealership a year and a half ago, I asked our Cobalt rep. They did require I "sign" a statement saying that GA might not be 100% accurate and shouldn't be used in making advertising decisions - or something to that effect. But they did it. While Cobalt is no longer our primary site I have to say that we had an excellent account advocate in Teri Gordon. I still keep in touch with her.

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