How to Market to your most POWERFUL Buying Audience - WOMEN

Kristen Tepper
Did some research on the buying power women have in the auto industry as well as how women prefer to be marketed to. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on it, as well as on how they try to reach and market to their most powerful market? Most interesting/awkward fact found? Women surveyed would rather receive a root canal than visit an auto dealership to buy a car. Infographic:
Lauren Moses
Kristen, Women are definitely a missed market in general. I think alot of it boils down to something as simple as having female sales staff. Women (for the most part) like to speak to and can relate to other women. I always have the most success with my sales when women are the main decision makers. Their men may be there, but the woman is the one that has the final say. When I am working with women, I find the common ground that we both have. The first car sale I ever made was to a woman and she had two kids, both close in age to mine, so it gave us something to talk about. Every time that she comes in now for service she comes to my office and we sit and catch up and visit. Males sales staff I think have it the toughest though with women. Especially (no offense) if they are hot heads that think they know everything. They can tend to talk down to a woman, which if it's done to me.....forget it, I'm done with you, your dealership, everything about you. On to the next. If they are married I feel like saying things like "My wife LOVES this car." or "My kids love the room in these crossovers" can help break down the barriers with woman and get them to really open up more. If your not married or have kids....well...sorry can't help ya there. ;) Oh and I love the..."Women do not enjoy pink any more than men."
Linda Loepker
Love your graphic - very interesting. Confirms some things I was thinking myself. We are fortunate to have a female sales person, and she is doing awesome. She has been with us for about 6 months now. I happen to love pink and don't see that as a weakness. It's the shade of my rose-colored glasses, after all! I have fought long and hard to get promotional items that women might actually USE. Last summer, we finally got some visors in - with our usual shipment of manly hats. And I do like to order pink coolie cups. They go pretty quickly also. We now have "softer" reusable grocery bags, instead of the ugly tiny canvas bags we were handing out. I hated that we were selling to a couple, and the man gets a really nice hat, and there was nothing for the woman. Not right, in my opinion. Your Pinterest numbers really surprised me! I forget how valuable Pinterest can be. Thanks for sharing!
Kristen Tepper
Thank you Lauren & Linda, my team LOVES infographics so keep a look out - we'll have a ton coming this way in the upcoming months - all auto marketing focused with some emphasis on referrals, incentives, & unique pieces of information we've discovered from our own research and all the research out there!
Lauren Moses
Linda, you are right about the promotional items. It's always nice to have something for the ladies if you do things like that.
Sheri Hudspeth
Love the infographic Kristen! I will share that tomorrow in our sales meeting! We have had a women's program at our dealership for the past 3 years called "Chevroladies" to ensure a female friendly experience at our dealership. @chevroladies We are also the flagship sponsor of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in our town and have Bake sales and Jean Fridays to donate to Making Strides year around.

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