HTML Emails vs Plain Text Email

Matt Fraser


I'm new to this forum and am happy to be here.

That being said, I work as the Marketing Director at a local Mazda dealership (I absolutely love Mazda vehicles which is why I came to work for Mazda) 

We are using Dealer Socket as a CRM and the email templates that our Internet Sales Managers were using was atrocious to say the least and were not responsive.

I designed some model specific email templates that are an 800 px fixed width and responsive (I designed a set for mobile devices as well)

I designed these templates based on criteria from a Mazda Canada nation wide email audit and what they wanted included in the emails so there was some thought put into them.

However, a friend recently told me that Michael Hyatt switched from heavy HTML emails to plain text (or as little images as possible) due to deliveriblity issues.

I'm wondering if anyone in this community would be willing to share any case studies or experience in this regard.

(and any positive constructive feedback on the email template is welcome as well)


Matt Fraser


mark rask

I am finding the delivery rates are better on plain text e mails 

Dealer Guy

My video emails are getting a 99% open rate. Those which open get a 100% view rate.

It's insane how much better video is. I get people ALL THE TIME telling me how HELPFUL my video was. I never ever heard that with a regular email.

Dealer Guy

Matt, I'd focus on a stronger call to action. The graphics look great, but I'm not sure you need ALL THAT?


Anne Shaneen

Hey Mark - This is great! Good job on the template. 

I would suggest using an email tool that allows you to use both html and plain text. That way, you can create a template for both and if one doesn't work, the other is available to view. 

Dealer Guy

Anne, Too bad Nissan doesn't offer templates to it's dealers?

We spend so much on digital and work like crazy people to sell Nissan's and make the MFG look good (right) and they spend so much ensuring dealer compliance, and are really quick to come down on us, yet there is no attempt to offer standard templates to it's 1,000 dealers. 

When is Nissan going to offer a realistic set of working templates that can be downloaded from NissanArtwork? There haven't been any worth talking about for several years.

It's okay though - we have learned ourselves how to do this without templates, but gee would that be nice.

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