I am a professional automotive inventory photographer

Eric Weber

I'm 20 years old and I've recently started to photograph inventory for various high-end dealers in the Dallas area. I'm struggling to figure out pricing.

Here's an example of my work: https://imgur.com/a/dEUXUre

My initial thoughts are to charge anywhere between $30-$50 per car, with around 20-30 unique photos each.

Is this too much? Is this too little? from my understanding, these dealers aren't selling a crazy amount of cars each month. I don't want to undercut myself, I realize that these photos can and will boost entire dealers online presence.

What are your thoughts?

Eric Weber

I've been taking photos of cars since I was 13 for my Instagram page, but I've never monetized anything. This would be a great way to start in my opinion

Morgan Hardy

How much time do you normally spend at a dealership taking photos? Do you then have to spend time editing the photos? 

Eric Weber

I've only done a few cars so far but around 15-20 minutes per car. And editing is very minimal, I have a bunch of presets created for pretty much any lighting scene already created.

Ricky Patrick

I've used several photography services and they were all about half that price. If you stick to high-line products then maybe you can aim for that $30-$50 range but for most brands I'd say you need to be at $15-$25 per car.

Aimee Rogers

I think for high-end vehicle dealers the $30 to $50 per car would be acceptable for the quality you are delivering, but I think that you need to give more photos than the 20-30 per vehicle.  The different 3rd party sites that dealers put their inventory on, take the number of photos into consideration in their algorithms.  Being high-end, there is a lot that will make that vehicle unique, and you'll want to show it off.    I would say 35 - 45 photos per vehicle would better for these types of vehicles. 

 I started as a photographer for the dealership and when I moved to Marketing Manager one of the things that I was first tasked with was to justify the full-time photographers vs outsourcing.  As Ricky said, there are many companies out there that do this and they typically charge $15-$25 per car.  The quality of photos that they provided isn't what you are producing based on your example, so that also helps justify your pricing. 

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