I am tired of shopping....

Mark Brady
Hi Stephen, I've been through the same thing! We have DealerSocket as well but Reynolds DMS. We were a Chevy/Honda store and forced to use Cobalt several years ago. Things have really changed since! We're a Honda/Kia store now (splash page is FisherAuto.com). We switched a few months back to DealerInspire and couldnt be happier. They were the 1st (and still only one of two automotive website companies) to offer a responsive website platform. (Take a look at our site and grab the corner to "drag" it to different sizes. It adjusts itself depending on the size screen you have so you don't need a mobile/tablet version of all your pages!) It is built on a wordpress platform so its easy to use and there's hundreds of plug-ins available and tons being developed all around the world. Dealer.com is probably the biggest automotive website platform but definitely not the best. They only offer one-size-fits-all templates and their SEO is stale. Support is a nightmare and they charge for all changes. I know this from my NADA Internet 20 group member and other friends in the industry. Reach out if I can help and good luck!
Matt Lowery
I agree with Mark, stay away from Dealer.com if you are looking for more than the same template website provider that 1000 other dealers have. Mark has a great provider with DealerInspire, and his best idea at this years driving sales executive summit used them to give some amazing ROI reporting. If you dont like what you hear from them, try DealerFire. I hear many people raving about them. Dealer.com is average at best in my experience, and not the company to really grow with you.
Stephen Aten
Matt, Thank you for the responses...keep em coming...
Mark Brady
Stephen - Matt is absolutely correct. In fact, I came from DealerFire to DealerInspire and know them very well. DealerFire has a great product RELATIVE to the rest of the marketplace but you said you want a "website company I can grow with, that changes with technology." DealerInspire was the first with a responsive platform (DealerFire is quickly moving their users to this as well). DealerInspire is the ONLY company with an automated TRUE ROI measurement tool. The ROI dashboard pulls your DMS data, matches to AdWords (and AdCenter within the next 60 days), Google Analytics, Reputation Management across all the major review sites....also has a great integration with their email marketing tool...they are a datium accelerated partner (if you don't know about this, I'll elaborate), dynamic content, quick support and like I said before, built on WordPress. DealerFire is a great platform, but if you want to be on the forefront of technology at the same price...DealerInspire hands down. I wouldn't have put my staff through the headache of switching if it weren't really worth it.
Hunter Swift
You look at DealerFire?
Subi Ghosh
Stephen, Been there! Have you considered Dealeron? I had them at a previous dealership and just switched my current group to them too. They are willing to be challenged and challenge me in return... which to me is the ideal website vendor partnership. I describe them as a young, enthusiastic, customer-centric company that strategically focuses their design decisions on research, testing, and fact rather than "history says to" or "gut-instinct". They are great with ticket response, feature requests, and customer service! Feel free to message me if you want any more information or questions.

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