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Ok, the title may have been click-bait, but I DO need your help. It's about direct mail key promotions. 

I've been receiving an increasing number of these and genuinely want to know...

How much do you guys pay for these key mailers on average per piece? And what's the average number you send out? This specific key mailer is an 8 page glossy with a scratch off and taped, non-branded key.  

What Kind of results do you see from them? Do you see customers converting into buyers or are the majority of those that wind up in the showroom simply want to see if the key works and walk with no sales opportunity?


I tried to upload the pic, not that you guys don't know what it is, but all that showed up was a broken image. I think Chris posted a pic recently...what am I doing wrong?


Mitch Gallant

It really depends on the sale and the company. Often times there's a digital piece and it's hard to math out the true printing cost from the bundle. 

What kinds of results:

A) Poor to OK direct results. 

B) OK to good staff excitement and be-back results. 

When the flyer is part of an in store event, when properly managed B) needs to be a big focus and without that end in mind the results can be salty. It gives a rally point and drives results.

mark rask

good click bait!

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