Importance of Reviews?

Drew Bettiol

How much does Reviews for a dealership impact visibility on google or even traffic to the site? I see 3rd party companies stressing that reviews are the difference in why you're not getting X amount of leads but is that true? 

Derrick Woolfson

Another thing to consider, too (with regards to the importance of reviews) is the consistency in which you get reviews. If the review is older than thirty days, it does not carry as much weight as someone who reviewed your dealership yesterday. I also agree with Dane, there are many factors in which a customer considers when choosing the dealership they purchase from. On another note, however, if a customer is on the fence as to whether or not they want to purchase from us I have often said "Mr. Customer, one thing I can guarantee you is that we will provide you with a great experience. We have won dealer of the year for six plus years, and have over 1,600 dealer reviews." This has worked to our advantage many times.

Mark Rask


Cassie Ciopryna

Achieving great online reviews is like free marketing for your dealership. It is easy for consumers to hop online and Google your dealership before even asking a friend for a referral. If you have no review presence - or a bad one - you can bet that consumer probably will bypass your dealership and look at the next with better online reviews.

Reviews also help boost your local SEO efforts; the more (and better, relevant) reviews you have, the higher you'll show up in Google My Business listings and the better you will stand out from your competition.

Chris K Leslie

claiming a lack of reviews as being a reason why someone isn’t getting leads is a huge stretch. 

Bart Wilson

I would also look at reviews as a validation tool for your other marketing.  Strong reviews should make your other channels convert better.  

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