Importance of Reviews?

Drew Bettiol

How much does Reviews for a dealership impact visibility on google or even traffic to the site? I see 3rd party companies stressing that reviews are the difference in why you're not getting X amount of leads but is that true? 

Dan ElDoueihi

Reviews are always a big deal especially when there are 2 companies within a close radius selling similar products.  For example there are 2 Toyota dealers in my area who are about 5 miles apart with one being 5 miles closer to the city.  The one closer to the city has half the amount of reviews with a score of 4.4 and roughly 800 reviews.  The one 5 miles out has a review score of 4.1 with 1600 reviews.  The one further from the city is actually much busier as it is the number 1 selling Toyota dealer in the state.  People see a 4 start review and see a company that has double the amount of reviews, they are going to think that company does double the volume.  

Bart Wilson

Good call Dan.  I guess we can say the three components of a solid review strategy are star rating, quality of comments, and volume of reviews?

Dan ElDoueihi

Maybe add a 4th part? First impression? When customers are browsing cars, they often browse many at a time and some end up sending out and calling blindly to any dealer that catches the first 30 seconds of appeal.  Let's say these ADHD customers are going fast browsing 10 dealerships based upon location and reviews over 4 stars. That customer is going to want to narrow down that list by taking an extra initial step. If that customer has my attention span, then they will browse the first page of reviews which is usually categorized by most recent or most relevant depending on the review source .  If the first page of reviews seems like they are fake or similar in writing style, you know it's fake and you skip that dealer. It's comparable to shopping Amazon and you see these products that are total garbage and you see the first page of reviews is 1 star yet the company has a 4.9 star rating.  When you see that you're going skip. 

Cassie Ciopryna

Bart, I would agree with your comment and also add that having that human element and personal connection by replying to your reviews (especially the less-than-positive ones) is an important part of your review strategy. 

Bart Wilson

Dan, good point.  I think the bottom line is if you're providing a good experience, volume is the remedy for most of the reviews problems.

Cassie, how often do you recommend that dealers comment?

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