Importance of Reviews?

Drew Bettiol

How much does Reviews for a dealership impact visibility on google or even traffic to the site? I see 3rd party companies stressing that reviews are the difference in why you're not getting X amount of leads but is that true? 

Cassie Ciopryna

Bart - You should respond to complaints or bad reviews 100% of the time, and try to do so quickly. Be sure whoever responds is aware of the situation and gives private contact info to continue the conversation offline if necessary. Apologize and say how you'll make it better for the reviewer.

When replying to positive reviews, it's good to try to reply to as many as you can, especially if they point out something in particular and have details. There's no cut-and-dry evidence on how often to reply, but the more that you show you are paying attention to your reviews and interacting, the better it'll look for your dealership! 

Bart Wilson

Good call.  I think it's important to respond correctly to bad reviews.  It's easy to get defensive and throw gasoline on the fire.

Anybody have tips that work for responding to a poor review?

Cassie Ciopryna

One tip is to use the three A's: Acknowledge, Account, & Act.

- Empathize and acknowledge the emotion of the reviewer
Account for circumstances and details of the event
- Describe what was learned from this event and what will actions will change as a result of the review

Send a private message if necessary to address further issues, and give the reviewer your direct contact info if you think the issue is a bigger deal. 

Drew Bettiol

Thank you everyone for your great responses! I agree with all of that. Just wish my Dealership would be on board with responding to reviews. I feel like it shows the customer that has an issue that you genuinely care about their opinion and will do whatever it takes to fix it and earn their business in the future.

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