Increasing Internet Lead Conversations

Sean Locklear
I would like to know what everyone's current process for answering overnight leads. I know most people either use a Auto Responder, Take the phone home, or do entirely nothing until the next morning. We answered over 350,000 leads last month. I know that 40% come afterhours, why would anyone not answer these leads right away? Why would anyone not answer all the questions the customer has no matter what time it is? Treat your customer how you do during the day ALL THE TIME.Just looking for input we can all learn more !If you can increase conversations from your internet leads don't you think you will sell more cars? We increased conversation by 30% No Contracts - Month to Month - less than $10 a day.Why are you still treating afterhours like its 2005?
Lauren Moses
Anything after 8, I don't respond. I'm a wife and mother with two small children. I have a life outside the dealership and it's far more precious to me than an email lead. If it's after hours when I'm home but before 8 then I send a simple response that it's after hours and I'm not in my office but I do give as much info as I can from my phone.
Sean Locklear
Lauren, That makes sense and I have found out that alot of dealerships aren't doing anything after hours. We all know its a competition out there and we focus on being the first to respond always but we also use live people to respond, so to a customer even at 3 am we respond as the dealerships sales person. Imagine the time everyone takes to answer leads that are from the night before. If those leads have been already answered for you and it looks to the customer it was by you. Don't you think that time saved can be put towards using the phone instead of emailing in the morning. We do this for over 1500 dealerships for less than ten dollars a day. Imagine if you didn't even have to respond from your phone and everytime we responded for you and cced you on every initial first response.
Dustin Lyons
That actually sounds like a pretty good idea, and it would probably really surprise a lot of customers who are expecting not to get a response, or to get the standard auto responder which may or may not have the right info in it. Here is an example of an auto responder email I received after I sent in a test lead at a dealership but I didn't put in a specific vehicle. This is obviously on a test lead that I submitted months ago and this is one of their auto response follow up emails. "Dear Dustin, It has been about 4 months since you asked for information regarding the . By this time you may have already purchased a car somewhere else, or decided........" Notice because I didn't put in a specific vehicle that part is left blank which makes the sentence read incorrectly and makes this painfully obvious that it is an auto responder and it says to me that this dealership doesn't want to put in the effort to earn me as a customer. I can definitely see the value in having a real person responding to leads, and doing it overnight would definitely set you apart form the rest.
Ron Henson
While I do feel this is a valuable topic, please refrain from "pitching" in the forums. Absolutely no sales pitches. This includes advertising webinars, services, and other products. Dealers can get sales pitches anywhere; we reserve the space on DrivingSales for high-quality, profit-building contributions.
Sean Locklear
Ron Henson, I am sorry about that. I do not mean to pitch. New to this site and first off I want to say it is AWESOME. I appreciate it. I just am sharing mostly my experience/philosophy. Every Dealership has 2 lots - the one they have had on Mother Earth forever. And now thanks to Robert E. Kahn ( Internet Inventor ) and many other people, we now have a need to be online always. Your second lot is your website. I like to tell dealerships you should be treating both atleast equally. I am only 25 and didn't have a cell phone until I was 16 but now I see 7 year olds with a ipad in one hand and the newest Iphone in the other. The point is technology is changing the way we buy. The phrase " smartphone " came out in 1996 look how far we have gone. Pay attention to your Internet Leads at all times because they are only going to get more and more important. You pay for leads no matter what time they come in so you should be treating them as such. My founder ran 60 stores for Hendrick Motors and My Boss was a General Manager so we are car people.

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