Increasing Sales at a Dealership using a handheld scanner and a database link

Michael Crites
My small company, Payment Ranger LLC, just recently was issued U.S. Patent No. 7,529,694 for a method of increasing sales at an automobile dealership using a hand held scanner and a data base link. The method and system of this patent allows a customer browsing a car dealership to see an accurate estimate of his monthly car payment simply by pointing a specially programmed PDA at a vehicle's barcode. This allows the customer to more accurately compare between competing makes and models, new and used vehicles, and so easily narrow his best shopping choice among myriad possibilities. It boils down the opportunities of low APR offers versus customer cash incentives based upon the customer's individual credit tier, trade equity, and cash down to present his lowest shopping suggestion. It reflects current dealer discounts or sale prices and can easily be adjusted for credit union buyers, leases, or even readjusted to show net price amounts for cash customers. What happens in real life is that the customers find it easier and more fun to shop, and yet dealerships still maintain control over the shopping process. Although the system has been also adapted to internet use, so that a shopper may immediately see his customized best price or payment from a dealership's website, this invention by emphasizing an ease and straightforward approach of handheld shopping in person is explicity designed to get people out of their homes or offices and into the dealerships to browse cars in person. By lubricating the sales process, we expect to drive more customers to participating dealerships and increase sales. This is a mature product, tested and improved in dealership environments since 2005. The inventor, Michael Crites, has over thiry years of successful sales and sales management experience in most all areas of variable operations in the car business. The support company, New Age Digital Inc., works with the coding and hardware support. Customers love the product and we have many success stories of people buying cars and trucks with great satisfaction in this simple new way. Again, we are a small company that just received the patent. Is any dealership or company in the marketplace that you know who might be interested in this approach?

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