Individual Socials for Salespeople

Victoria Dillabough

Do you guys encourage your salespeople to have their own "salesy socials" or do you encourage them to share the dealerships? 

Pros and cons of each? 

Bart Wilson

This comes back to the question of who owns the customer.  From a dealership standpoint, I want to make sure I build processes that follow up with customers regardless if the sales rep leaves the store.

We can't ignore, however, that salespeople built the relationship with the customer, and there is power there. 

I tend to fall in the middle.  It's good to have salespeople network with customers, but they should use the dealership assets.  This also helps control the message.  Does that make sense?

Caleb Niemi

I find this very interesting as well. We tend to encourage the sales consultants to have their socials where they can post and grow their individual brand. Then when the main dealership page has different posts about promotions, inventory, etc, they will then share again. This helps there to be a more personal approach.

Amanda Hanson

I like the idea of self branding, personally!

Victoria Dillabough

@Bart - i totally agree! I've seen some bad accounts before, with pricing, with not the complete correct info.. and it kills me! But I know that some people are really good at it, so I always wonder where to draw the line! 

Victoria Dillabough

@Caleb - does someone go through and moderate and see what people are posting? 

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