Industry Vendors and the "You Suck" Sales Pitch - Stop It, Please

Dan Sayer
FYI - The following may be considered a "rant"... In my role I'm used to getting the occasional phone call or email from a well-meaning owner or GM asking why "we suck" at showing up on Google, or why we're not listed on, or any number of other innocent questions. 95% of the time I find out that the question comes after an industry vendor rep name-dropped another dealer that was, of course, "Crushing It!", "Killing It!", or my personal favorite "It'll knock your d__k in the dirt!" by using their product or service. The most common pitch I see now is the screen-shot of a search term or keyword on Google and how we suck and "don't show up and all your competitors do". My main beef with this is I typically see some odd high-funnel term like "ford inventory" (that we're purposely not bidding on anyway) that vendors use to establish doubt within their audience/prospect. I'm assuming that some decision makers within dealerships aren't necessarily the most knowledgeable in sniffing out a less-than-forthcoming sales pitch when it comes to digital. By using simple tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner one can figure out whether or not the example given by a vendor rep is something they need to be concerned about. There are, of course, a million other variables including AdWord budget and Google's mind control world takeover conspiracy...but that's a whole other rant. In summary, if you are a decision maker hopefully you have surrounded yourself with knowledgeable staff to help you navigate the stuff from the fluff. If you are a vendor, ask yourself, "Am I bringing legitimate value to this business and their employees by being completely honest and transparent in how I present to someone that may know less that I do?". Thanks for listening and have a great day!
Dan Ferguson
Enjoyed your post, Dan...though it is sad that vendors are using old school scare tactics of bashing other vendors w/o offering anything additional or disruptive. Our clients will often times hook us up directly with vendors who are using these tactics, and frankly sometimes we learn things. However, most often, it is how you described...a lot of hot air and scare tactics with no real solution or needs analysis. I'd love to see the Google mind control rant, BTW.

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