INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of Social Media Marketing

Tori Zinger

I received this infographic this morning from Real Magnet. My two personal key/favorite takeaways from it are:

1.) Use hashtags as often as they apply to your platform and content. I think this is so important! Hashtags are a great marketing tool, but not when they're overdone/irrelevant/used to load up your page with keywords.

2.) The foundation to good social media marketing lies in the message behind your content, rather than what your brand is offering or how many followers you have. It's easy to get caught up in getting followers, views, etc., but if you focus on content, you'll establish yourself as a true leader in the market/your field, and the followers, views, and CONVERSIONS will follow naturally.

Any thoughts on this infographic, or ideas you'd add?

Mike Cartwright

Tip #2 is really great--focus on the message of the content and the rest will follow. A lot of organizations/companies do the other way around and they probably have a harder time to execute their campaigns. Do you know any exceptional examples of a cool automotive campaign on Twitter or Pinterest, Tori? Have seen some on Facebook and even YouTube but I want to know if there are some on other platforms too.

I like the reminder that timing is key. I mean in sales and life timing is everything, why wouldn't that apply to social media marketing? This is a great infographic thanks for sharing Tori!

Moe Bakhtiari

Thanks for sharing this Lori!

Also worth mentioning networks such as Snapchat and Periscope that have traction and loyal user bases. Another important point of emphasis for those really looking into using Social Media to sell more cars would be the advertising component - Particularly on platforms such as Facebook which allow the advertiser to nano target in market buyers based on preferences. 

Happy Selling!

Mark Rask

This is a great thing to use when making a strategy for fb.

Tori Zinger

Moe, do you see Snapchat as a big one? I know a lot of people use it but I'm not super familiar with what you can do as far as marketing and branding when it comes to Snapchat.

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