Andrew Sierra
I know Instagram is a very important marketing platform and I was trying to implement it into my dealerships marketing strategy. However i do not know what a good "Style" of approach to Instagram marketing was. Does anyone have any examples or tips that they would like to share of successful dealerships using Instagram
Ricky Patrick
I don't work in a very urban area so I don't spend a ton of energy on Instagram, but the one tip I can offer is use your location in Instagram to your advantage. We've noticed that people seem to find our posts by searching for #andersonsc or #southcarolina more often than by following us or searching for a vehicle.
Andrew Sierra
Thats a great Idea I never thought of using our location as a hashtag I am definately going to give that a try!
Chris K Leslie
mark rask
thanks for the tips....we just opened up an instagram acct
John McCarthy
This is a great question. Instagram can drive a ton of organic traffic a site.Here are some things that you want to do: - Write a really good description, put a call to action in the last line with a link to your website - Your website should be mobile optimized if you're going to use Instagram. - Post images. When you post an image you will want to put your branding in the bottom right hand corner of the site. So if your site is then you want to put in the button right hander corner of the image. The reason for this is because people WILL type the domain into the browser and visit the site, especially if you have an offer that they like. I post images about 2-4 times per day. But the real key is in building a following with targeted Likes. This brings me to the final point... - I highly suggest finding a service or bot that will like pictures in popular hashtags. So for example, you should target the top hashtags in the industry then run a bot through that will like and comment on images. This will do two things: 1) You will build up a pretty big following. 2) People will see your profile and go to your site. Then on your site your site I highly suggest that you capture their email address so you can build a list. I would be happy to help anyone who is looking to make Instagram work.

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