Instagram advertising

Adam Goldberg

Is anyone using Instagram advertising at their dealership? If so, what results have you seen?

Brian Hart

Yes we are using Instagram quite a bit for our dealerships and see very good engagement. It seems to be a higher funnel shopper, lots of visits to the website for research and so forth. 

Mark Rask

How are you setting these ads up?

Brian Hart

We set them up through Facebook's ad manager.  We design them a bit differently than the way Facebook ads are designed, don't use lots of words in the description. The most engagement comes from a really interesting graphic as its obviously the first thing to catch their attention, they don't want to read a whole parapgraph. We typically keep our descriptions at 1-3 sentences. 


Hope this helps! 

Scott B

It's all visual. Add any text overlay on your image and your engagement will be near zero. At the end of the day, IG uses the same in-market data that Facebook is using, so essentially you're creating an echo chamber for yourself. That being said, the click through ratio for FB night and day better than IG.

Chris K Leslie


What do define "Results" as? 

For me when I look at results of any particular platform I look at what the platform can provide as a marker. In the case of Instagram people can like and comment on the media you place there. So I count those numbers as results. Which we do get likes and comments which means we get results. 

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