Instagram advertising

Adam Goldberg

Is anyone using Instagram advertising at their dealership? If so, what results have you seen?

Timothy Martell

We've experimented but don't see the ROI from it at this point and haven't added it to our services for that reason. Main drawback is its still app driven. I think its probably still a year out from paying off for dealers. Too high funnel to connect the dots to ROI at this point. And you know me. I only do what leads to ROI. so... my 2 cents

Mark Rask

Chris are you seeing good engagement on this platform?

Timothy Martell

Mark Rask. Can you define "good engagement?" This is such a poorly overused word. I can get 300 likes on everything you post on Facebook, but is that good engagement if it doesn't lead to brand awarenesss among a targeted group with a high buying propensity? What would you define as "good engagement" on the instagram platform and why?

Mark Rask

You are so are everwhere

Scott B

Engagement on Facebook means nothing to me. FB is 95% pay to play these days. I'll take a click through to my landing page over a like or comment ANY day of the week.

Insta is a different story for now. If you're running ads through Facebook, IG will be included at no cost or reduction in the amount of people you reach on Facebook, so it's a no brainer to cimple include IG placement. Just dont run the same ad as you have on Facebook. Use a vertically cropped image as it well get more screen time on the scroll. Also, any text overlay will kill engagement. 

The click through rate is also really low on IG

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