Internal vs. External

Derrick Woolfson

I was having a conversation the other day where the words Internal vs. External popped up. That is referring to marketing. And while I had never thought of separating the two types of marketing "external" vs. "Internal" it begged the question do you handle both? 

Internal Marketing: Employee branding, updates, employee events, etc. 

External Marketing: Vendor Management, Customer Facing POP, Website 

I was always in a situation that I handled both without much thought. But now I am wondering (of course) depending on the size of the company as to whether or not they are truly two different positions. Thoughts? 

Chris K.

If you are an Internet Director and not earning 6 figures - quit.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, I wonder though what the average salary for an Internet/Business Manager is? As the position varies amongst dealers? 

Chris K

The pay plan should work per unit. If you sell 150 cars a month as a dealership, you get $100 per car. That's $175,000 and that's what we're worth that's not what we're being paid. What's the average gross per car? The internet manager should get a base pay on every unit sold because it's a fact the consumer is a influenced by the internet almost a hundred percent. Instead what we're seeing is our internet manager is paid $400 a week plus $5 a car sold. Like I said you're better off quitting because if somebody out there doesn't care about your success and your future, they don't belong in your life.

Amanda Gordon

These are some interesting numbers and upon further thought I do believe the two are differnet but should be handled by the same dept. as conceptually they are the same. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Amanda, agreed - I think that both are to build the brand and go hand in hand. Now, depending on the size of the company there seems to be a lack of manpower to execute all of the marketing touch points both internally/externally. 

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