Internet Leads to Salespeople

Shawn Ryder
How does your dealership deal with internet leads? Are they distributed to sales people? One main contact for the leads? And if so, does that person still take opportunities that come in to the dealership?
Micah Lakics
Well, there are a few different business models, so the answer would depend if you have a BDC (Business Development Center) setup in your dealership. If you have a BDC, all leads will flow through that department, and that staff will work the leads to then create sales appointments. At that point the appointment would get passed to a sales rep. Some dealerships have the BDC rep greet the customer for the appointment and introduce the sales rep, other dealerships just have a "receptionist" do the greet and pass. With a BDC, if you have a smaller dealership, maybe a staff of 3-4 could handle everything, but larger dealerships (especially those with multiple locations) can have 15-30 staff to run things. Keep in mind that at any time, if a BDC rep is waiting for a lead (so to speak) they can call past sales for trade-ins, or offer service discounts. If you do not have a BDC, many dealerships use a "round robin" approach, where each lead comes in and gets distributed to the sales rep who has been waiting for a lead the longest. Some reps do opt out of the leads (because they're still stuck in the stone ages), but most of them should handle the leads. If there is no BDC, one "primary" contact method would largely push that person out of the Ups flow and they would be a desk jockey for 90%+ of their day. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Collin Davis
Great insights, Micah. Are BDC's typically staffed in-house? Or are there BDC's that are outsourced to handle this process? Or perhaps automate it? I'm curious if there's any software out there that helps handle Customer Acquisition in this respect.
Michael Bilson
Converisca would be the software that would accomplish what your seeking Collin

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