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Jeri Lynn Glasheen
I've been at a Nissan dealership for about a month now. At my previous dealership, Ford, it was always engrained in us to send an email with vehicle pricing regardless of whether the customer asked for pricing... Can anyone share their internet pricing system... do you send the pricing email?
Ben Hawkinson
We will ALWAYS quote if the lead is requesting one on the first e-mail. If the lead does not specify we will try for three days to reach them without quoting the customer. Come day three, we will go ahead and send the quote in an attempt to get a response. When we quote we always show a pre-owned quote and make it as detailed as possible (which rebates are included and identify that "free charge" is included as well). Hope this helps...
Merla Turner
Hi Jeri, At the dealership we had a ton of luck calling the customer right the second we got the lead. The tactic was to get them on the phone and start building a relationship so we could stay off price as much as possible and get the appointment. Most customers will want to talk price anyway so we always trained our people on how to intelligently answer those questions. However, many customers can't be reached and the call rolls to VM. So, we would leave a message saying that we were sending them an email answering their questions and would try back later to make sure they received it. I find that most customers have champagne taste on a beer budget, so at the dealership, we would quote them on the car they inquired on, the same model that was significantly less (lower trim level, less features), and 1 pre-owned car that was similar but significantly lower priced. We always let the customer know that we had access to a hundreds of vehicles, and always asked the customer a question in the email to make sure the customer would respond back or return our call. When I was at the Digital Dealer conference earlier this week I heard a lot of dealers talking about Response Logix. They have a system to respond to leads with multiple cars/pricing, and it sounds similar to what we were doing manually with great success. BTW, I don't work for them... Hope that is helpful, good luck! Merla Turner eXtéresAUTO
Dave Erickson
Personally I think you should send the quote right away, but took a few minutes last night and sent a quote request to all your main competitors (not you, just your competitors). I was going to make some suggestions based on your competitors, but only one of your competitors has bothered to respond out of 4-5 requests. So, if I were a real person who had decided last night I wanted to buy a Nissan I would have only 1 response (hopefully two if you send one too). The number I supplied was a fax number so it's possible there are dealers attempting to contact me by phone first rather than send a quote. If so, I think they are making a mistake. I think by sending a quote you are giving yourself an advantage. People generally place quote requests to get a quote. It was what was promised when they filled out their request. Your competitor is fairly quick to respond but their response seems to be very general and vague and comes off more like a newspaper ad (prices starting at type of quote). I would send a simple and accurate quote following up with a phone call right away.
Matthew Blundell
we're like Merla and Ben combined, I'll provide a quote if it is requested in the comments but I'll call to introduce myself and clarify what I'm quoting on for an "Apples to Apples" comparison. My dilemma and what I go back and forth with the management on is pricing strategy and where the first pencil shouls be for internet shoppers? In Atlanta our market is pretty aggressive and several dealers immediatley offer loser deals at first pencil. Do you pencil lower or start reasonably and sell you and your dealership? I'll be interested to hear some feedback?

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