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Andy Warner
I would like to know the various strategies and tactics used on internet specials pages. I know that the website vendor affects a dealership's specials page(s) to a certain extent. However, I would like to know how dealerships determine which vehicles to market as specials and how do dealerships determine the layout of their specials page(s) based upon their vendor's website flexibility.
Jared Hamilton
Andy, Ours were aged based... in a round about way. We have a very strict turn policy, so as the inventory approaches the "auction date" we figure we would rather take a loss (or an extremely cheep price) on a retail customer who will visit us in the shop or may translate into some F&I revenue, rather than another UC manager at an auction. So 10 days before the auction date, we would give the cars auction pricing, based off MMR and advertise them as our used car specials. Its kept us crazy aggressive in the market place since the prices were stupid cheap... but since your first loss is your best loss and you were going to off them anyhow the FI revenue and shop customer was worth it. The special page was hit so much we rarely had to send a car to auction. Food for thought. Im sure there are tons of right ways to do this, but this way it worked for us.
Matt Watson
In our system the dealer can simply check a checkbox on their inventory and it shows up as an Internet Special. The specials then show up on their home page and other pages like so: What is cool about putting the specials on your home page is makes the HTML of your home page continuously change which should entice the search engines to spider your website more often since the content keeps changing.
Stan Sher
It depends on ho your ebsite vendor is. When I used cobalt, I just had my support team update my specials online at my discretion. When I used BZ Results, I did everything throught Dealer Specialties or Auction123 when we switched over. Your website and inventory management backend tool pull from your DMS overnight all of the pricing. For instance, in ADP I would constantly monitor my pricing for used cars. If a car was 35 days or older I would sit with the used car manager and price it at a blowout just to move it. The specials pages should be aged inventory especially inventory that is popular. Like for instance, you are a Honda dealer and gas is $4 a gallon. Honda Civics are running higher numbers then brand new ones. However, you have one that is 50 days old and is close to going to Auction. You make it a special at a blowout price and try to drive traffic with it. You go on craigs list and advertise that car. The pictures are there so you have no problems. Now if you use Dealer Specialties o
MIkhail Melomed
I prefer to use Internet no nonsense w/o price certificate which is getting a lot of attention and generated great leads Check my site
Michael Sweigart
We find the dealers that get the most results fill their homepage with specials. Very often, specials and promotions are the top viewed pages or at least in the top 5. One of our dealers consistently sells out and blows out low priced cars on his homepage. Here are two examples of dealers who are doing well with it. Remember, there is one page on your site that everyone visits. That's the homepage fellas: Try: Another option is putting your specials on landingpages or microsites such as these:

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