Inventory Buckets

Derrick Woolfson

Has anyone worked with their Inventory Management platform to create 'buckets' (feeds) to use for separate pages and/or campaigns? We have recently created feeds for the oldest aged units (which is now done automatically) vs. having to manually add them to the specials page, in addition to creating 'campaign' (ghost) pages for email blasts. This has been very effective for us in gaining better insight into conversions based on campaigns. In addition to making it easier by having the process automated. 


Bart Wilson

Derrick, how are you building your "buckets"?  You mentioned old-age units.  What are some of your other segments?

Chris K Leslie

Can you share some examples of how you are using this? 

Sam Salem

At what stage does this automatic marketing blast take place? It's a cool idea,  but my buckets are set up so that by day 45 the car is either retailing for a wash or headed to the auction (latter doesn't happen often)...Isn't that the point of the whole set up? Keep's the herd moving so to speak.  So does it make sense to put more money into cars that, generally speaking, your most likely losing or breaking even on?  If you guys can defend a solid turn around time (under a week) from email to sale then ok that's probably fine.... but we can't just give it another 15 lol

Sam Salem

Forgot to add that obviously this is contingent on your pricing strategy. Cant be at 100% of retail 30 days in and expect an email to do much. 

Mark Rask

that's a great idea 

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