Inventory on Craigslist? - Amazing results or not?

Mark Boyd
I would be very interested to hear from dealers IF you post your inventory online to Craigslist (and other free listings) and what kind of results you are having? How are you doing it (a software tool, or using a service). Also, If you DON'T post your inventory to the free listings, why not? Love to hear form you!
Dustin Bailey
I have had my inventory listed on Craigslist for over a year. I use a 3rd party company that creats the listings ( VERY basic, pics, price, contact info ) called Vehicle Postings. I have had some good results... lots of bargain hunters... especially if something makes it into a listing without a price. :-/ A few hundred bucks a month is well worth it to have your inventory out there.
Bill  Jones
I use CL and it is my best lead producer. I use Liquid Motors to create my HTML.
We have had some great success with both our inventory on CL and a link from CL to our credit application (with payments listed in the ad)... Some great apps and huge amounts of traffic, some additional specific vehicle leads and quite a surprising number of phone calls. As a CL user though, I have a problem with some other dealers listing 20 cars at once... I have a cap on ours of up to 2 listings per day... (as my personal preference as a CL user).

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