Stan Sher
Hey everyone, How are you? I know it has been a while since I posted anything. My owner had asked me to look into this company, It looks a really neat idea. Does anyone know this company? Has anyone ever used it? Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks. Stan Sher
Jared Hamilton
Stan - I have no experience with them but I looked at the website and I would have several questions. I like the idea of posting your inventory to as many free sites as possible, as efficiently as possible. However my concern would be that if their system is 100% automated wouldn't they be violating the Terms of service of at least some of the sites they claim to post to? Also, their system appears to automate followup, via email and text from their CRM. Why would you want to manage another CRM if your store currently has one? Could they put the leads directly into your CRM so they could be managed and tracked properly with your stores current process and branding? Lastly, the site has some great call to actions. However the overall flavor of the site seems to be REALLY OLD SCHOOL. If they are marketing to you in an Old school way, how are they going to help you market to consumers in a progressive way? Just some thoughts. Id love to get them in the vendor ratings and see what a bunch of dealers think as they grow. They look new, which can have pros and cons. Like anything, ask questions and invest in where you feel you would get the best ROI for your strategy.
Craig Lockerd
Oustanding questions,concerns that can all be answered.The "REALLY OLD SCHOOL" remark about the site ...Ouch,but remember this has been created by'Car Guys" with brillant "Techies" the maim goal with this software at the end of the day is get REAL leads that dealers can actually sell vehicles to! Please contact Rick Emmons at our office for answers,detaiuls anything you need to know.800-878-5090
Craig Lockerd Rick is back in the office...feeling much better

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