Is anyone using snap chat for advertisng?

mark rask

We are considering using snap chat for advertising. Is anyone having success with this?

Anne Shaneen

Snapchat is tricky. Because you can view who's viewed your stories, it could be really beneficial. Also, because you get notified if someone replayed your snap, you've got a pretty good indication if someone's interested in what you're offering. But you have to have a unique viewpoint. Maybe post snaps about dealer life to help make the dealers look more personal, or make snaps about the local community. Stuff like that. 

Here's a guide on Snapchat for businesses:

Dealer Guy

What was SnapChat famous for when the app launched? I guess I could also advertise on Pornhub but I will not. There is POTENTIAL everywhere, but let's stay clear of the gutter. I'm sure they will take your funds and people will see your ads, but WHO IS GOING ON SNAPCHAT TO LOOK FOR A CAR???

Chris K Leslie

Who is going anywhere looking for advertising? I mean does it matter where your ads show up at? If you have the ability to try out new platforms I say go for it. 

mark rask

Thanks guys for the input...I like the idea of telling a dealers story

Anne Shaneen

Dealer guy - I agree, Snapchat originated for smut, but it's definitely changed. Just today on the light rail, a guy in front of me in a business suit was watching a CNN news story in Snapchat. It's evolving like any business and I think we'd be bereft to pass it over because of its past. I would hope people wouldn't do that to me or my sales people because of past experiences with either my own or other dealerships. 

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