Is anyone using Vin Solutions New Status Updates?

Mitchell Brenner
I love Vin Solutions! Every week or so they impress me with new additions and changes that are so incredible sometimes I can't even keep up. I'm curious if anyone out there is using their New Status Updates. As far as I'm concerned it's made my job even easier as I can create custom processes and statuses based on whatever criteria I want and have been having a field day setting things up. How does everyone else like it?
Jared Hamilton
Mitchell: what is the feature? Im not using vin solutions (obviously) but it sounds interesting. Tell me about it.
Mitchell Brenner
In a nutshell for all Active customers you can create different statuses and either have them just listed for easy viewing of what's happening with every customer or attach a custom process to them so different follow up actions are scheduled as opposed to what other customers may be getting. As an example I have a Status that says "Needs Follow Up - Last Chance" It's attached to a Process called "eCommerce Manager Last Chance Process" which will schedule a follow up call for the SP and a notification to me to see if it's done. If not I change the status to "BDC F/U After No SP F/U" which changes the Process to "BDC SP No Follow Up Process" which queues a series of calls and emails for my BDC and removes the SP from the deal. I can create hundreds if I want but I have about 60 custom statuses with around 20 that change the process like "Contact in 30 days" Contact in 60 Days" Appointment Set" etc. I add a couple every day and delete some I never find myself using. It's an amazing tool that really lets me customize the process for any kind of deal or customer. It's just amazing!

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