Is DDC Digital Retailing working for you?

Allyn Hane

I was sold on adding's Digital Retailing (formerly MakeMyDeal) to a few of my websites. I signed up for just the basic piece of it which is "payment driver" as I was told "this is what consumers want to see on dealer websites." It basically calculates lease and finance payments and displays them on VDPs (according to parameters I set) and then consumers can further click into it and "structure" their own deal. It sounds like "oh yeah I bet consumers love the transparency" when it is being pitched.

I also have noticed that this entire "structure my deal" stuff is integrated out of the box in many DDC websites (even if you don't pay for the extras to actually structure the deal the box is still there on your VDPs) and some OEMs are now making it a part of their core website requirements.

What this tells me is that DDC is good at selling this tool. They must have a paid alot to acquire "MakeMyDeal"

Here are my results and I'm wondering if you all see anything better/different.

Audi store August. 

.69% of website visitors opened the tool

about half of those actually "click" something or interact with the tool once inside.

0 leads submitted

Subaru store August:

.63% of website visitors opened the tool

about 70% of those actually "click" something or interact with the tool once inside.

0 leads submitted

These numbers are similarly consistent for the last 3 months.

Do any of you have payment driver and get any better results? Before I go cancelling this tool I want to know if anyone else is seeing better results. And yes, I understand that I could put banners all over the sites promoting it and it would get more action, but that's not how this was sold. It was sold as something that consumers wanted on websites based on data. I'm not seeing it.

I also realize that this could be an implementatin issue (the user interface with Make My Deal is just nasty on DDC sites), so if you have another payment-type solution that your website visitors actually use I'd like to hear about those too.






Jared Hamilton

These is super interesting as there are so many of these types of tools in development mode in the industry right now with big promises.  Have you asked to see their conversion data?  That would be great to see.  I wonder what some of the other tools in the market are getting?

Thanks for sharing - im interested to see what others are experiencing too.

Allyn Hane

Hey Jared- I've asked the above question on 2 automotive forums and yours if the very first response - which tells me dealers are not looking at the data yet paying the fees to have this tool - very sad.

For conversion data, there have been 2 leads generated from the tool across 3 stores in 3 months. They have the reporting for the tool in the DDC dashboard and it's easy to find. 

(we do see a lot of converions from the credit app portion of the tool, but those are 100% done in store with our staff sitting the customer down to fill in their info, so I don't consider that a conversion. This may be why dealers are not questioning the tool's usefulness because they don't dig deep enough)

I too am interested to know if other similar plugins are getting any action because logically speaking the tool seems like something consumers would utilize, but so far, I can't see it.

Mitch Gallant

Allyn, did you see an increase in leads overall? I ask because I could see the value for a customer but maybe they contact the store in a different way? Based on your click data there seems to be MINIMAL interaction with the tool but it would be interesting to know if that .69 or .63 then converted through other means. 

Eye opening data, thanks for sharing. 

Allyn Hane

@mitch that's a tough one to pin down due to increases in spending in traditional media over this same time period. Our leads are up significantly, but this tool has not contributed from what I see.

Plus, any tool of this nature that is plugged directly onto my website, specifically VDPs, needs to show some value either by interactions/engagement or leads generated and this one isn't doing either one - telling me it just takes up space and costs money.

Martins Ville

Mitch, these programs cost too much. If you want to act like carvana, be a carvana, not brick and mortar dealer with a big tease, and no follow through. You can get custom code made and inserted into any vdp and let the customer play with their payments for $100 and own the code forever. The writing is on the wall. As I've said, the only people making money on this tech are the ones selling it. Just say no.

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