Is Geo-fencing the new magic word?

Stephen Aten
Thinking of using a mobile app Geo-fencing tool from one of our vendors. It does not seem a lot of dealers are using this technology. Any thoughts or advice?
Ron Henson
There are some very cool things that you can do with Geo Fencing technology. The problem continues to be app usage, which you will need in order to take advantage of geo fencing.
Chris K Leslie
so tech is cool in theory to Ron's point. But as he said app usage, accepting push notifications, privacy etc etc. The variables that have to be aligned to make it work correctly are in comparison not worth it in most cases
Stephen Aten
This particular program is based upon cost/impressions. Is money spent better elsewhere? If so, what are the recommendations. We already have a good impression share for SEM, have good SEO quality score...any suggestions?
Chris K Leslie
If you just want to do advertising I would say Facebook and Sitescout. If you want to have fun start designing some longer term campaigns. Look at partnerships in the community. Not sponsoring but being involved with an active presence kind of thing.
Carl Maeda
Look at retargeting/remarketing. Remarketing is a great value especially when you're already spending a lot to get good traffic. Also, make sure your SEM company is doing a good job. Are they integrating incentives/specials in your ads? Do they build specialized landing pages that emphasize the message in your ad? etc. Impression share means nothing if your ads don't stand out. A good quality score means nothing if your landing pages don't convert into good leads. Are you buying on multiple platforms? (like Google, Bing, Facebook, etc) Bing is almost always cheaper than Google Adwords.

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