Is live chat software helpful to increase conversion rate ?

jane Fonda
Actually, I have developed car rental website and want to implement live chat option to online interact with website visitors. Please recommend me efficient live chat software.
Robert Karbaum
The guy who posted just before you apparently has a chat company. Although for best results I would look at the vendor ratings.
Big Tom LaPointe
industry target for car dealers is 1/2 of one percent converting website UNIQUE VISITORS to leads - some are higher; some are less. so if you have 2k unique visitors a month on your website, you could look at 10-20 leads. like robert says, i would use vendor ratings as a starting point for due diligence
Cody Jerry
What content management system did you use to build it, or did you do it from scratch?
Charles Saylor
Hello Jane, As a live chat user I can say the live chat is proximately helpful in increasing conversion rate, but also it depends on your product, services and chat operator who must have full training to handle online potential customer, live chat is a convenient way for online communication between chat operator and website visitors, if the visitors have any queries to related product then they can instantly ask to chat operator and get solution in real time. Using live chat on website you can easily assist and satisfy to your website visitors and convert them into clients. I use eAssistance Pro live chat software, you can also try it
mark rask
As long as you have the right chat service......this makes a huge difference

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