Is SEO Dead?

Kevin McKillop
I think when we look at it as "Search Engine Optimization" rather than SEO, we remember what it's about rather than what it IS. SEO isn't a "thing" and here are the steps to make that "thing", it's a process of which we optimize for an evolving technology. There is always room to optimize systems because most of the time those systems continuously change. Is it as easy as it use to be? Absolutely not. The way we optimized our old computers vs. today's is light years apart, yet we still 'optimize' them as best we can based on our current understanding. Is computer optimization dead because I can't use config.sys and autoexec.bat anymore? (who remembers those files?)
Eric Miltsch
Right on Kevin. It seemed that most of the dealers in the audience were simply looking for a way to understand today's landscape and where they should be focused on - especially with managing their vendor relationships.
Ken Potter
Given that 1 out of 5 keyword searches are long tail, that clearly shows consumers are asking questions or looking deeper with their searches. SEO should be all about providing information. For example, here is one of the best practices I have seen in place. Each week a dealer of mine writes new content for his site specifically on servicing of vehicles such as what does the check engine light mean, how do you know it's time to change or clean your air filter, how do you measure tread depth on tires, and on and on... His articles rank very high and he has also created videos to capture VSEO, great follow up Eric, SEO is for sure not dead if done well
Ken - You're right on with targeting those long tail searches. Much of that content you create is also evergreen and what works this year is still accurate next year (though its great to make small updates to keep it fresh). Kevin - Ahhh, config.sys and autoexec.bat, you're letting our ages show. :-) You are so right that while we may optimize things differently, we're still optimizing them. SEO isn't dead, it's just evolving like all other technology....just at a much faster pace. I'm also seeing the search queries change. I call it "The SIRI Effect", even though it started before SIRI. I'm seeing consumers getting more comfortable asking questions and putting more thought into their queries.
Chris K Leslie
Put so eloquently, "...optimization is as important as ever, but not for the practice of SEO that’s all about keywords and links and gaming the search engines. Optimization has a broader meaning that starts with good content and good places to put it and then drives readers to that content through search, social and syndication."

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