Is texting with dealers actually big right now?

Collin Davis
I keep hearing a lot about the ability to text with dealers via the website in a centralized manner, and how those conversations can automatically populate within a CRM. Are any dealers utilizing texting on a daily basis and seeing results from it?
James Altemus
We are in the middle of implementing this through Edmunds. The training for our designated text recipient was on Friday, so we are just waiting for it to be activate to see how it works. My gut tells me that it will along the lines of website chat, which was a mixed bag for us, but we're willing to try new things.
Ricky Patrick
We've had great success with it, but the biggest advantage is the outgoing text component for service advisors. For incoming text, it's basically just like a chat conversation.
Jillian Marchewka
All of our Sales People use Google Voice/Google Hangouts to text customers throughout the deal. I also created an interactive "on the lot" information application via texting using Twilio API, TextIt.In, and some in-house 1/4 page window stickers telling them to text the word "CARS" to a certain number to ask someone questions after hours... (I created this 6 months ago, and have spent $50 total on it... We've gotten a lot of evening "after hours" leads and appointments from it...)
James Altemus
That is sort of what I'm afraid of. Our foray into "sales" chat resulted in a mix of service inquiries that we aren't yet set up to properly address (that is on my to-do list) and very low quality (if not rude) sort of but not really sales inquiries. Luckily this Edmunds thing is no-cost to us. And considering the hot mess that was the training, I'm sort of on the fence about not implementing it.
Collin Davis
Jillian - very impressive with your hands on approach for a DIY solution! A chat solution that funnels sales vs. service inquiries makes sense. And it absolutely creates a anonymous-type of communication channel where people will likely abuse it. Comes with the territory I suppose. What was so painful about the training? I can't imagine the tool(s) are more complicated than text messaging on your phone (at least they shouldn't be!).

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