Is there an average "cost per contact"?

Linda Loepker
Working on my "Upward" proposal for April. With all of my media (website,, chat, Facebook, AdWords, promotions, and print), I am coming up with a proposed cost of $66 per proposed lead (119).To clarify: I am spending $7,223 to bring in 30 calls, 49 walk ins, and 40 internet leads. Those are my goals. This includes a $300 panic reserve, in case I'm way off on goals - I can run a Google campaign or something to hit my numbers. It also includes $1,800 of proposed cancellations that need a 30-day notice.I did lower my goal numbers since I am on permanent phone duty and won't have as much time to spend on marketing as i would like. Feedback?
Megan Barto
Maybe I'm crazy, but $66 a "proposed lead" sounds a little high. Especially when you can buy (groan) leads for around $22 a pop. Are you talking all leads, or just "good" leads (no dupes, bad contact info, etc). I feel like this number could fluctuate so very much - are you accurately tracking "walk in" (LOL) traffic with a sourcing page?
Linda Loepker
LOL Megan - too funny! Accurately track? Not here. But, that is all supposed to change tomorrow! I am not holding my breath, as I am totally dependent on the salesmen to put down whether the contact was a walk-in, a phone call, or an internet lead. It has to be one of the three. I though $66 a lead seems high also, that's why I'm asking. But, it does include $1K for our website, which gets billed to the store, not just sales. Perhaps I could just use half of that? Doesn't make a lot of difference - drops to $61.xx These are my current numbers: Website Co-op $1,000.0 $1,204.0 Chat Co-op $299.0 Reserve $300.0 Facebook Ads $20/day $520.0 Google AdWords/Sales $600.0 Google AdWords/Credit $400.0 Free Gas Fridays $50 gas card every Friday $200.0 Credit Challenged/Print $200.0 Breese Journal 2X per month $500.0 Trenton Sun 2X per month $200.0 Lebanon Advertiser 2X per month $200.0 Shopper's Review 2X per month $400.0 SUBTOTAL $6,023.0 CANCELLATIONS BILLED IN APRIL $1,825 PROPOSED TOTAL $7,848.0 Once I drop the cancellations billed in April (retargeting plan, cargurus, and another 3rd party source), my cost per lead drops to $50.
Cody Jerry
What's the traffic on your site, and how many leads do you generate from it? How much content are you adding to it each month? After including your traditional marketing I can see why your number would be that high. The best way to lower it would be with more leads, which requires more opportunities / traffic.
Linda Loepker
Got the okay from GM on the above numbers. We are going to gradually drop my proposed cancellations - easier to pinpoint if we have a huge drop in activity. I also added 15 referrals to my "goals". Also adding posting 20 vehicles on Craigs List each month. Got the free gas Friday approved! So excited about that - learned about this at the Driving Sales conference in October! Great recognition for our sales staff. And fun. Good for Facebook. @Cody: We are in a very rural area, and people love reading those small town papers! We are nosy and want to see who died or who was arrested or divorced. Their rates are very reasonable, so I can get a lot of ad space for the money. Plus, they print my press releases 95% of the time, and I can't put a price tag on that. For March, we've had just under 3K unique visitors with 10,615 page views. We do not get many email leads from the site. I would appreciate any suggestions for our site: . Thanks all!
Shannon Hammons
I think that is pretty high per lead. Ill give you what I spend. I monthly digital budget is $35,000 a month. We are in a rural town of less than 15000 people. Don't let the rural thing be a barrier. Create great customer experiences, to go along with cutting edge digital presence, and competitive pricing. People will drive to see you. Have great processes in place. That is more important that what you spend. Back on the subject though my leads average out to around $19.22 per lead. Who is your Cobalt ProCare advocate. They should be able to help you with that site. Also, you can have a sight that isn't Cobalt as well. If you can get just a small amount of money allocated to your budget DealerFire can be a huge asset to you. Here are my sights if you wanna look. Just remember non of us have all the answers and things change daily.

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