Is YouTube a pain point for your dealership?

Collin Davis
Hello All! I'm researching the pain points dealers are experiencing with YouTube and would love some of your feedback. If you're using YouTube to market your dealership and/or inventory: What is not working for you? What is working for you? Are you creating the videos yourself or outsourcing them? Do you find value with YouTube, and if so, what is it? And if you're NOT using YouTube to market your dealership and/or inventory, why not? Thanks for your time!
Collin Davis
Wow, that's awesome, Chris! What I've been finding is that a lot of dealers are not posting the right content. Inventory videos that are picture slideshows are NOT going to get views (YouTube considers this spammy content and not valuable to the viewer). The content has to be high quality, engaging, and/or entertaining. YouTube should not be a dumping ground for inventory slideshow videos.
Chris K Leslie
I could be a monkeys uncle but I swear we've had this conversation here on multiple occasions over the last 3 years.
Mark Hoffman
My experience has been that unless the dealer invests significant time into building their YouTube brand then it's not terribly effective. Sounds like Chris Micra has really good success with it, however. The ones that I've seen doing far better are those that are posting their commercials, or even doing YT only content. Very few people are going to subscribe to see a list of vehicle videos, no matter how nicely done they are. Why would they?
mark rask
We have a hard time getting any of the sales persons to participate
Collin Davis
Mark - I would argue that lots of people go to YouTube to watch vehicle videos. The key is making sure they're informative and high quality. I'm not talking inventory slideshow videos, though. While these viewers may or may not be in market, they are becoming familiar with a brand which could soon serve them on their next buying decision.

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