Isn't the "We Need Your Trade-In" a bit cliche?

Derrick Woolfson

In years past, this approach worked for the most part we would get a lot of inquires. However, as of recent - especially with loan terms being in the 72+ range - the amount of customers who could actually purchase something else based on these campaigns does not seem to be that good. When is the last time you did one of these campaigns? And if so, did you have any success with it? 

Mark @ Autobahn Academy

It works, you have to be smart about your audience. If you pitch that to anyone, like a lead ad campaign on Facebook per example, the success rate will be garbage. If you send an email to anyone who bought from you in 2013-2014, it might be a different story. 

Don Willimont

We recently ran a campaign that offered up to 125% of book value for your trade. It went to a certain model year range in our data bases at both our Honda and  GM store. In both cases the stores managed toturn around a terrible September from that 10 day event. We don't do many private sales etc so I believe because we hadn't hit the data base hard for a year or so it had a better result. It was a Third party program called an Upgrader Event and I was doubtful in the beginning but it was worth the expense and we had some spill over leads to work in October.


Derrick Woolfson

I agree with running a smaller campaign, and that's awesome! We also added tracking lines to the mailer to make sure we tracked the in-bound phone calls that came in. 

Chris K Leslie

It's right up there with "Top Dollar." Which is a phrase that I really hate. What is top dollar? does anyone know? 

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, exactly! We had customers that got really p***ed off when we told them they would get "top dollar," and of course, no they did not. They got a trade value based off the current MMR price...some fared better than others! 

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